COVID-19 Response 

Due to the health risks associated with the Coronovirus Hy-Point Dairy (along with Lewes Dairy and M. Fierro & Sons known as Fierro Cheese) is taking proactive steps at all of our facilities. We believe that diligently monitoring the situation and taking immediate and appropriate actions will help protect our employees, customers, and communities. 
Hy-Point has taken the following measures to ensure we continue to manufacture and supply our products with the same quality of service during this period: 
  • No outside visitors will be allowed inside our manufacturing plant 
  • We will use remote meetings whenever possible
  • If deemed necessary, any meeting at our offices or facilities will require a questionnaire completed by the visitors in advance regarding their potential exposure to COVID-19 virus 
  • We encourage self- reporting of all employees to reduce potential exposure 
  • All employees have received additional training on the CDC requirements to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus 
  • We have maintained our Good manufacturing Practices and Policies and have added additional mitigation measure to ensure safety 
  • We are disinfecting our facilities with increased frequency such as door handles and other metal surfaces 
  • Employees have been reminded to avoid large crowds and unnecessary physical contact such as shaking hands 
  • We have updated our policies and procedures to include preparedness measures in event of an outbreak  

Hy-Point is committed to taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of this virus and to help keep our employees and Communities safe. 

Thank you for our continued support and please stay safe. 

Product Quality

Hy-Point Dairy is committed to providing our customers with the freshest dairy products on the market. 

Our History

Hy-Point Dairy was just a vision 104 years ago when John and Elizabeth Meany began bottling and distributing milk in Wilmington, Delaware. Today, Hy-point is the last remaining dairy of some 200 family farms that were in operation when the Meany’s embarked on the journey that has become one of Delaware’s proudest traditions.

Hy-Point Dairy has gone through many changes throughout its history. We started by milking cows, bottling milk in glass bottles and delivering it door to door via horse drawn wagons. Since then, we have moved to a processing plant that picks up fresh milk from local dairy farms and processes it for distribution in many local stores, restaurants and institutions. Now with the third generation and the fourth generation leading Hy-point towards its 100th anniversary, Hy-Point offers the freshest milk, ice cream and juices on the market. Whether it be our wholesome dairy products, orchard fresh juices and drinks, or our country fresh ice cream we stand behind our Hy-Point seal. It’s our Family Tradition!

On the 1st of November 2011, Hy-Point Dairy merged with the only other remaining dairy in Delaware, Lewes Dairy. Together the two dairies will be able to service a broader market with a more diverse product line. The Meany and Brittingham families have enjoyed a successful union of two proud traditions and look forward to many years of service to customers throughout the Northeast region.

The once small dairy farm located in the heart of Brandywine Hundred has gone through many exciting changes throughout its 103 years of existence. Our newest item is our ice-cream mix that we make at our dairy.  It is the best around!